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Small boutique concierge concept based on a personal and private treat for your perfect Mykonos experience.


Selected Villas & Greek Cottages

Wellness Day On The Water

The Ultimate Kitesurfing Adventure

Alexander Mykonos: Luxury Lifestyle

Alexander Mykonos is the culmination of years of experience in the luxury sector.

The idea was to change the classic concept of a “concierge” company, by offering more personalized and creative services.

The combination of experiences in the world of Luxury, Travel, Fashion, Public Relations, Love for Art and Photography and definitely Love for Greece, made possible to have a great team with different skills and passions.

We want to focus on the amazing and different possibilities you have to enjoy the island of Mykonos.

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Our personnel are trained to work for a very selected clientele. Keeping a low profile and discretion is our main goal.

Our mission is to offer a more tailored, adventurous and exclusive «experience» to each and every client.

Cultural sightseeing with the best history guides in Greece, photography, water sports with top professionals in kite and windsurf, wellness treatments in amazing natural settings and different regional gourmet experiences.

Experiences: That’s What We Do!

Mykonos view
Mykonos night

So, not only «jet setting in flip fops», but also enjoying amazing sport adventures, wellness treatments in amazing natural settings, gourmet experiences and the opportunity to celebrate your party or event on the boat or Villa of your dreams.

Every single experience can be modified and adapted to your wishes.

Mykonos view
Mykonos night
Alexander Mykonos

Our Concierge Services

Our dedicated team offers you limitless possibilities to enjoy the maximum of Mykonos. Starting from our permanent availability of the top VIP tables in the ultimate and most famous beach clubs up to reservations in the most demanded restaurants.

Drivers, nannies, personal shoppers, private chefs, introduction to the kite and windsurf community, personal trainers. . . we provide amazing, tailored experiences.

Makes Every Occasion Unforgettable With The Ultimate Setting

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Wedding in mykonos
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Alexander Mykonos
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